One life-changing button

Who knew one toolbar button could be so amazing? Bekka first tipped me off to the Google Reader bookmarklet a couple of months ago, and I haven’t looked back since. Basically, this button connects to your Google Reader and each time you click “next” in your toolbar, it takes you to the latest blog post you subscribe to in its original format. If you’re like me, you subscribe to a bajillion blogs, and the number of unread posts can get sort of daunting. I found myself just shuffling through the blogs I liked the most, ignoring the others for weeks at a time. This changes that. What’s more, the Google Reader interface can really botch up some of these gorgeously designed feeds, and I often find myself squealing with excitement over some of the pretty aesthetics I have been missing out on. It’s also nice to casually hit the next button a few times a day at work when I’ve been staring at spreadsheets for far too long. Install this handy tool, you’ll be totally stoked.

VOTD: Sexy Sax Man

Wow, words cannot even begin to explain this incredible video. It’s been making the rounds on the ‘nets today,  but I’m still amazed by his sexy sax solos. It gets a  bit redundant, but it’s worth watching the whole thing. My favorite part is towards the end at the outdoor mall: “Right now, he’s just playing to a baby. Can he just play to the baby?” Awww yeah.

Adam Scott is my new fave.

I have a new celebrity crush, and his name is Adam Scott! I started watching Party Down on Netflix because my sister recommended it, and after seeing the first episode, I could not stop. It has a lot of the same cast and crew from Veronica Mars, another Netflix favorite of mine, and it is one of those shows like Arrested Development that was too good for network television. It was canceled after only two seasons.

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Daily Digs: Week 6

It is with great bummery that I introduce the last edition of Daily Digs! Bekka and I have been busting our fashionable bums to make magic from the contents in our closet for 30 office days. The series has been really fun, and I’ve surprisingly learned a lot. For instance, my layouts have improved since week one, I’ve got a thing for tapered leg pants, Bekka has the cutest accessories and shoes, and holy cow, it’s cold in PDX.

I’d say the best thing about this journey has been its ability to reignite the bloggin’ fire in my blood! I would really like to be posting on a more regular basis, and this has helped me ease into that process slowly, but surely. Bekka is truly a hustlin’ inspiration, and if my blog was .1111113843928492 as awesome as hers, I’d be in good shape.

So, now that it’s over, I can go back to not doing my hair and wearing ugly clothing! OK, maybe I’ll still wear a cute top here and there, but definitely won’t be freaking out if I’ve already worn the same pair of pants that week. As always, pick out your fave ensemble on Bekka’s blog, and visit my flickr for bigger images. I’ll miss you Daily Digs!