Occasionally, something gets under my skin. When I’m feeling bummed or offended by other’s actions, I’m learning to let it go and do good things for myself. I spend so much time concerned with other people’s goals that I don’t take enough risks or explore my own personal dreams freely.

I recently finished The Four Agreements and one of the main lessons is “don’t take things personally.” The way I interpreted this lesson is as follows: people say and do things as a reflection of themselves, so you shouldn’t be offended by opinions because it isn’t all about you. It’s not that you shouldn’t be open to new ideas, and in fact it’s quite the opposite. Instead, when people say or do things you disagree with, ask yourself where they are coming from and why it bothers you. Then, let go of any “emotional garbage” that’s influencing the situation, and respond appropriately with an objective point of view. You can’t control what people say or do, but you do have the power to let it bother you or let it go.

Suddenly, pressure is lifted, and you can go about your business, expressing your own personal truth. Every now and then, I have to remind myself to take a step back, breathe, and just let it go.

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  1. Chaco

    whatever you smell.

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