Your desk says a lot about you. What’s close by for inspiration? Do you keep it neat or take comfort in the chaos? How do you like your coffee, or perhaps you prefer a different caffeinated beverage (ahem)?

I’m a big fan of both unique “about us” pages and behind-the-scenes glimpses into creative work spaces, so naturally I thought this idea was really neat. Character, a San Francisco graphic design studio, showcased each employee’s desk for their “Cast of Character” page. Each character then answered a few simple questions about their favorite films, toys, and music. I think it’s an awesome way to go beyond the boring “graduated from blah blah blah” bios and really show off the personality of each person on the team.

Question: Where does Dana, the bookkeeper, like to visit on the weekends and what’s on her must-see TV list? I know there’s more to her than number-crunching.
[via Studio Sweet Studio]

Images: Character

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