Hello San Diego!

My first blog post on the GeekSqueak…it’s going to be an awesome journey. Now I have to do some more cool stuff so I can blog about it.

First things first: find some new local bars in San Diego to take my dear friend Anne to next weekend.

  • Hamilton’s: I heard they allow dogs, they have good food, and a bunch of great beers on tap…what could be better?! I even overheard one of the Stone Brewery employees speaking highly of this place. A definite.
  • The Aero Club: Always see this tiny bar off University and I always wonder if it’s cool or not. I hear there’s big booths and wi-fi…I’m there.
  • A/C Lounge: This bar has been on my to-do list for far too long. I’ve always wanted to check out big-sonic-chill, so maybe I’ll make it there tomorrow (Tuesday night) for some chill beats and good drinks.
  • Bar Pink: I’ve heard this place is packed with hipsters, and I’m down to check it out. They don’t accept credit cards, which is lame and authentic at the same time. Sorta like the Whistle Stop or Scholari’s office (RIP) but way more trendy and possibly way less cool.

I’ll fill you in on the good spots I hit up after I…well, hit them up!

1 Comment on “Hello San Diego!

  1. ladyyyyybird

    Aero Club is a must. And if you’re in that area (Mission Hills) go to Starlite too. I might say pass on air conditioned. The crowd is a bit strange at times..super random, but Big Sonic Chill is cool..they have good giveaways.

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