Holy cow

Both Margot shows were great. Despite Richard’s pesky cold, the boys rocked their hearts out with a set that included a variety of songs from all 4 albums. I was particularly moved by old faves like Talking in Code, an acoustic Holy Cow, and the spooky I Am a Lightning Rod, but it was also nice to hear some new tracks from Buzzard including New York City Hotel Blues, Birds and Let’s Paint Our Teeth Green. In terms of the lineup, I definitely noticed a difference, and fondly remembered Emily’s croons and Casey’s crazy percussion and energy. Instead, the 6 guys on stage (2 original, 4 new) brought an edgier, more polished sound that seemed to focus less on theatrical elements. It was still wonderful, and I was totally impressed by their chemistry and ability to make old songs new again. Come back soon Margot and the Nuclear So and So’s, I miss ya already!

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