Kate & Wills

Did you know there was a Royal Wedding this morning? Yeah, there was. A lot of my friends could have cared less (these are for you), but after reading about some 20th century royal monarchy drama this week, I was anxious to see how the big day went down (like Wallis and Edward, WOAH). Since I don’t have cable, I’ve been catching up on blogs this morning, and dang, Kate is a beaut! I also heard that she did her own makeup, which is really cool. Kate seemed to handle the crazy media situation with ease. I can’t imagine getting married in front of millions of people, but she looked totally fine with it. Now that Wills is taken, I’ve got my eye on Harry! He’s less follically challenged anyway. Isn’t this card from Lazy Oaf too sweet? Love is in the air today!

Image: Lazy Oaf

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