Latest illustrator love: Chris Piascik

Found Chris Piascik tonight, and I think his illustrations are pretty groovy. His site has a great daily drawings section! Since I can’t draw well, I enjoy artists that post daily doodles. If they’re blessed with such amazing talents, they should share them with the less gifted. These are lyrics from the Best Coast song ”When I’m With You.” I love illustrated lryics! Keep ‘em coming.

Since I’m just getting over a cold, this one stood out too. I think it’s an accurate depiction of the joy you feel after being stuck in bed for a few days. I’ve still got a little congestion, but now I’ve got hope. Take that COLD!

And last but not least, of course his flickr is loaded with tons more awesome. A variation of this is available on a shirt here, and I just might have to pick one up. [via design is mine]

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