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I started doing some freelance work for Thunder SEO, and so far it has been really cool! Max Thomas, my boss, is already teaching me some great things about SEO and I’m doing my best to enlighten him on social media. Today, I’m working on optimizing some of his clients for local search lisitngs. It’s a very niche area of SEO, but it’s really cool. Basically, I’m adding all of these companies to local directories (e.g. Yelp, YellowBot, Open List, and MerchantCircle) so that local residents will be able to find goods and services that meet their needs faster (for Max’s detailed blog about Local Search, click HERE). It’s actually really cool, and something I never thought I would be working on. This is also changing the way I find places to eat and things to do around San Diego. Of course I had heard of Yelp or City Search and more recently, MojoPages,  but I am learning about tons of new directories that might shine some light on new and interesting things to do! Also, Max co-works at digital-telepathy, so I’m going to get to visit the old office digs here and there! Woot.

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  1. ladyyyyybird

    not gonna lie, i am very jealous of your freelance work. oh i miss social media. and dt.

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