Margot mania

One of my most favorite bands, Margot and the Nuclear So and So’s, is on the road promoting their latest record Buzzard, and I get to see them two nights in a row this weekend. I fell in love with the group back in 2007 when I was introduced to their first release, Dust of Retreat. Diverse instrumentals, meaningful lyrics, and Richard’s haunting voice sucked me in, and I’ve been following Margot’s every move for a couple of years now. Each album is something special, and they’ve really grown a lot with each release. Buzzard is no exception, and it’s been on repeat since I purchased the tunes in September.

I’ve seen them several times, and every show was amazing. I’m also looking forward to the new lineup, since many of the previous band members are no longer recording and touring with Margot. The stage will undoubtedly be less crowded, but as long as the group still gives me goosebumps, my ears will be happy.

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