My new apartment

So far, I am really enjoying my new apartment. Although there seems to be lots of bugs, it’s quite cozy and the jungle that’s backed up to my apartment is beautiful. Last night, I saw a huge green grasshopper on my wall. I tried to shoo him out, but those guys are pretty fast! When I woke up, he was chillin’ in my kitchen. I named him Dennis…get it, like Dennis Hopper?! Anyways, I think he left because he’s nowhere to be found…but nothings certain. I felt like I was in a weird indie movie with Dennis and I playing the lead roles. Lonely girl in apartment makes new friend. Perhaps I’ve been reading a bit too much Kafka.

I’m super bummed I wont have any Internet or Cable connection until after Thursday. It’s pretty weird not watching anything on TV or wasting any time online. I’ve had a bunch to do, with unpacking and getting adjusted and starting bills.

I start my job at the battery company on Wednesday. Hopefully, it goes stress free. Also in the works of talking to a few other prospective employers. I need a little more job security!

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