Places I want to be

In love with this ‘Places on Earth‘ print created by Oliver Jeffers exclusively for You & Me the Royal We. I have been searching for an awesome map, as I feel geography was never emphasized enough throughout my childhood education. I’ve seen some pretty cool globes (and I just love the way Something’s Hiding in Here has an entire collection), but the interactive component of this map makes it intriguing. ::Prick…prick…prick…prick prick:: The map comes with 202 pins; 1 red (home base), 200 black (where you’ve traveled) and 1 blue (next target). I know what you’re thinking: “Monique, just buy a pack of pins from CVS, a gas station map, and voilà,” but this one is JUST SO COOL! I love Jeffers’ simple illustration style and I think the colors would fit well in any room.  Originally saw the print on swissmiss earlier this week, and Love at first sight for sure. Now if I can just save my couch change for a while, this will be mine!

1 Comment on “Places I want to be

  1. Jackie Pouget

    PJ: “Don’t comment on every post.” What does he know. I LOVE THIS MAP! I tried blowing it up. Alas, FAIL.

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