Seattle, I love you.

This week, I’m headed to Seattle with a few of my colleagues from Thunder SEO! For 3 years, we’ve been attending MozCon, and it’s, without a doubt, my favorite search marketing conference. SEOmoz is behind the leading software in our industry, and besides learning a million and three things, I love networking with like-minded pros. It’s the one time each year where I don’t have to explain the meaning of SEO to wannabe “interactive marketers,” and I’m looking forward to discussions about link building, social outreach and Google+ over happy hour beers. I decided to tack on a few extra days to my trip for fun, since it’s my birthday on Monday! I’ll be staying in Fremont, home of the TROLL and exquisite vintage shopping. I will also catch up with some old friends and get lost in the city’s amazing public transportation (where’s Chliana when I need her?!). Here are some of my favorite photos from last year’s trip:

However, I’m hoping to avoid another epic bike crash that resulted in these wounds! Note to self: be a bit more careful when you’re flying down hills on a foreign single speed in an unfamiliar city!

(Yes, that’s my elbow and knee, the day before I wore dressy shorts to MozCon 2010. Yikes!)

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