Shows. OMG. Shows.

There have been so many good shows gracing southern California with their presence lately, it’s out of control! For some reason, I’ve been finding out about some of these shows a minute too late. This happened with The Get Up Kids at HOB in January, Greg Laswell at Anthology and a UCLA Local Natives show in April.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve seen some pretty stellar shows in these months too. There was The Tree Ring’s record release show in February, and Donald Glover, Edward Sharpe/Mumford & Sons, and the mother of all shows, Coachella, in April (wow, that was a busy month). I was also lucky enough to experience little performances, like FOL CHEN at Soda in February and Family Wagon’s appearance at the Hess Brewing St. Paddy’s Day BBQ.

Yes, I’ve been a busy gal, but I don’t plan on stopping any time soon! May looks just as packed, and I’m totally okay with that. Me and nine of my closest friends are renting a van for the Yeasayer Belly Up show, little hurricane is playing Casbah, and Margot is coming back to SD as well.

As if I needed more reasons to jump for joy/spend all of my discretionary income on concert tickets, I noticed that Other Lives is playing Soda on May 19th! I first heard Black Tables by this talented group last year, and their new album comes out May 10th (but you can stream it on The Hype Machine or buy it on iTunes already). I am REALLY looking forward to catching these guys at a super small venue, it’s gonna be great. See you there!

Bonus: you can grab ‘For 12′ for free on iTunes this week!

Image: Dallas Observer

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