Sneakersnstuff X Converse = <3

I love Chucks, been rocking them forever. I can remember owning several varieties of said shoes throughout the years, including fun pairs with American Flag and Camouflage patterns, as well as solid red ones and my favorite, OG black. Most of the time, I prefer high-tops. Recently, I purchased a pair of white All Star Slims, but if I hadn’t, I would be grabbing this cozy alternative. A collaboration between SNS and Converse, these fabulous kicks feature a white wool knitted upper, an adorable tassel, and red/yellow/blue accents. Besides the fact that they look really cool, the story behind the Lovikkas is even better!

“The Sami people, nomads indigenous to Sweden, are known for their practicality, a need characteristic in the harsh Arctic Circle. So when the economic condition became dire in the 19th century, a Sami villager by the name of Erika Aittamaa started to craft hearty mittens from the local resources. Soon, the simple mittens took the name of Aittamaa’s village, Lovikka. More than a century later, SNS honors the Aittamaa’s ingenuity and the Sami nation’s rich heritage with the Lovikka All Star Chuck Taylor.”

SNS just started selling these beauties on December 3rd (four days ago) and they’ve already sold out!! Hopefully, someone like Erika will save the day and knit millions of pairs so we can all keep our feet warm in these rad shoe mittens. [via Freshness]

2 Comments on “Sneakersnstuff X Converse = <3

  1. Heidi

    Do you know if you can get the shoes somewhere else?? THEY ARE SO PRETTY!

  2. monique

    I agree, they are sooo pretty! Unfortunately, I don’t see them anywhere, not even on eBay! Sad day.

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