Sugar, sugar.

I love greeting cards…and when I say love, I mean really, really love. There is something so magical about sending snail mail, and the perfect card can make someone’s day much brighter. I even have a huge box of spares at home waiting to make their way to the ideal recipient. Is it you?

Over the years, I’ve discovered some favorites, including Rifle Paper Co., Dude and Chick, Able and Game, Blue Barnhouse and anything by Alison Hardcastle. These are usually my “go-to” pretty paper makers, but every once in a while, I’ll find something totally lovely and new (to me at least). Such is the case with Sugar Paper, which I came across at Pigment, my favorite local greeting card/housewares/green thumb/I-need-a-last-minute-gift boutique.

Soooo swoon-worthy!

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