TATO Commuter Tour

I’m really excited/nervous about a project I’ve been working on for the last four months that is finally coming together this Friday. A few months ago, Dave Brown and I discovered a commuter bike that is designed and distributed in Switzerland. Since we were stoked on its innovative frame and positive environmental message, I ended up reaching out to the head designer, Jean-Louis Francescotti, and asking if we could test ride and review the bike. He was such a kind man and offered to come and deliver the bike, IN PERSON! Fast forward through 35 emails and a not-so-hot summer, and the day has finally come. I wrote about the experience on Holiday Matinee here, and I’m really looking forward to meeting him and testing out the bike this weekend.

Since Dave moved to Brooklyn and Kiran is holding down the HM fort, this project is pretty much in my hands, and that is both exhilarating and frightening. What does a man from Switzerland like to do? Will we get along well for a couple days? Does he know lots of bike tricks? Am I out of shape (yes)? I know it’s going to turn out great, and hopefully I can make something really unique and awesome out of these next couple days. On our itinerary? GoldSprints at Blind Lady, riding the San Diego Velodrome (my first time!), a shop tour and siesta beers at Velo Cult, touring the local hoods (SP, NP, NH, Hillcrest, and DT), and finishing up at the HIVE. I’ll also be taking the bike to the San Diego Bicycle Film Festival this weekend, and I’m pumped to geek out with some velo pals. Holler if you want to join us! It’s going to be radical.

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