A Quick Pinterest Trick

Yes, like all of the other women you know, I too am quite fond of the Pinterest. I’ve been using the site for a couple years, and love the inspiration I get from other people’s pins. Today, I stumbled on an awesome Pinterest shortcut that I haven’t seen mentioned before, so thought I’d share it here.

Normally, when you pin something from a website, you use the handy bookmarklet. This allows you to click a button in your browser, and select any image to pin from that page. This looks a little something like this:

Next, you’re taken to a window where you can customize the image description, select the appropriate board, and share on Facebook or Twitter.

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One life-changing button

Who knew one toolbar button could be so amazing? Bekka first tipped me off to the Google Reader bookmarklet a couple of months ago, and I haven’t looked back since. Basically, this button connects to your Google Reader and each time you click “next” in your toolbar, it takes you to the latest blog post you subscribe to in its original format. If you’re like me, you subscribe to a bajillion blogs, and the number of unread posts can get sort of daunting. I found myself just shuffling through the blogs I liked the most, ignoring the others for weeks at a time. This changes that. What’s more, the Google Reader interface can really botch up some of these gorgeously designed feeds, and I often find myself squealing with excitement over some of the pretty aesthetics I have been missing out on. It’s also nice to casually hit the next button a few times a day at work when I’ve been staring at spreadsheets for far too long. Install this handy tool, you’ll be totally stoked.

Extra geeky external hard drives

Ohmygod, if I didn’t already own a Seagate 1 TB external hard drive, you can bet your bottom dollar I’d be swooping up a way cooler option from 8Bit Memory. They have a bunch of classic NES and SNES game cartridges to choose from, but I’ve already added the Super Mario Brothers/Duck Hunt edition to my wish list, since those were my faves in the Nintendo days. I can only imagine the kind of awesome conversations that would ensue from whipping out one of these bad boys at a coffee shop. [via The Donut Project]

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