Deli design

Did you know I kind of have a thing for sandwiches? Yeah, it’s out of hand. Like, to the point where people send me photos of their delicious sandwiches from different cities, or ask me to explain the¬†mysteries¬†of Dutch Crunch to their friends too.

Welp, officially adding Bklyn Larder to my bucket-which (say it out loud). Not only does their food look delicious, but they clearly have a passion for ingredient proportions and proper placement too. Do yourself a favor and go drool over their menu and merch!

Image: Bklyn Larder

Latest illustrator love: Christopher David Ryan

Have you ever had one of those “a-ha moments” where you realize that one brilliant artist is behind a few of your favorite pieces? Such is the case with Christopher David Ryan. Bekka first introduced me to his work last year, and I’ve been pinning him (unknowingly!) since. Clearly, I’m in to his Feeling series, but there is lots more to love in his shop. One of each please?

Images (clockwise): 1, 2, 3, 4