Sugar, sugar.

I love greeting cards…and when I say love, I mean really, really love. There is something so magical about sending snail mail, and the perfect card can make someone’s day much brighter. I even have a huge box of spares at home waiting to make their way to the ideal recipient. Is it you?

Over the years, I’ve discovered some favorites, including Rifle Paper Co., Dude and Chick, Able and Game, Blue Barnhouse and anything by Alison Hardcastle. These are usually my “go-to” pretty paper makers, but every once in a while, I’ll find something totally lovely and new (to me at least). Such is the case with Sugar Paper, which I came across at Pigment, my favorite local greeting card/housewares/green thumb/I-need-a-last-minute-gift boutique.

Soooo swoon-worthy!

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Making my own stuff.

This photo popped up in my Instagram earlier this week, and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it since. A full time job and various freelance gigs has really taken a toll on my personal creative projects, but I’m ready to start investing in me. Don’t get it twisted, I definitely see the value in contributing to other people’s “stuff,” but when all is said and done, I’d rather be putting that effort into something I’m solely responsible for. Having the complete freedom to write, paint, build, dream, mend and create my own stuff is a privilege I’m refusing to take for granted from here on out.

Image: The Cider Cellar

10 Day Bike Challenge

It’s been a while! Where did the summer go?! Well friends, I’m back in action, and hoping to make more frequent appearances on this here blog.

A lot has been going down since we last spoke, including my sister’s fabulous wedding, travels up and down the coast, and an unexpected apartment move. While I promise to share more about those awesome experiences, I wanted to fill you in on my latest challenge.

A week ago, my new property manager emailed to say they’d be paving the alley this week, and that we wouldn’t have access to our parking garage for 10+ days. We could either park on the street or leave our rides in the garage during the concrete pour-ige. Coincidentally, I’ve been looking for some sort of temporary challenge (I happily blame you, Aaron and Casie!), so I decided this would be the perfect opportunity to take the leap. I locked my car in the garage last night, and said my farewells for the time being.

For the next 10 days, I will only get around San Diego by bicycle.

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